Humanisation of the dog

In the Netherlands, people spend increasingly more on their pets. Since 2016, we have spent 20% more money on our pets. This is a result of people humanising their dogs and because pets make them happier. We are starting to view the dog as part of the family and think more about what makes them happy. We treat them more and more like people. We also have a higher income and are happy to spend our money on a toy or snack for the dog.

Extra expenditure on the veterinarian, insurance, clothing and feed are not unusual. Research shows that our love for dogs has a cause. A few minutes petting or hugging a pet makes us happy. The happiness hormones this creates lowers your stress and helps you calm down. Of course, the cause of that deserves a reward.

We also all work more from home, meaning we have more time to spend on our pets. A little break to play with the dog or to treat him to a snack – it is part of our routine. As we see our pets more often, we also want to spend more money on them.

Pet shops have noticed that we spend more and more on our pets. We have all started buying more for our pets because we are becoming aware of a good quality of life. A pet has an important role and is given the best possible life. Pet shops see this as a very good development. Pets are given more space to live and receive better feed, giving them a longer and healthier life.

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